Understanding Google Adsense and Google Adwords

Google AdSenseGoogle AdSense is an advertising program that is provided by the Google . The other side of AdSense is the Google AdWords keyword advertising program with pay- per - click . Smart is not it? I have two media to install and publish advertisements , and both are equally profitable Google .

In the model of pay- per - click , advertisers then to create a short text-based ads that are highly correlated with selected keywords . Then the classified ads will be displayed on another website that presents the content with relevant keywords Adsense ads . Advertiser agrees to pay umpteen dollars each time their ad is clicked by the web visitor , with a bid fee as agreed by both parties. That's the rule of pay- per - click .

The number of advertiser costs depends on two factors : their budget and the popularity of a keyword on the internet . Each advertiser set the cost of installing each ad per day . The more popular a keyword then certainly the cost of advertisers for that keyword will be even greater .

Bidding process itself such as the auction process in general , with one difference . Advertisers bid on keywords installation costs through the ads , but the winning bidder for yourself can be more than one advertiser . The system is like this : for the advertiser with the highest bid value will be placed in the main a website ( both on Google and on other websites ) . Advertisers with lower bids retains the right to display their ads , but not in the most strategic places such as the winner of the bidding . Even so , they get a place that still are in other strategic places , so sometimes there are advertisers who deliberately targeting the most strategic places ( because of its high cost ) , so that they attach ads can be displayed for longer .

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